Foreman - Rigging Crew Chief

** The candidates wishing to apply must have all legal authorization to work in Canada such as Canadian citizenship, permanent residency, valid work permit, Visa or any other official document.


The rigging crew foreman, also known as a rigging crew chief, performs a designation that involves providing instructions, advice, and directives to team members. The foreman is held responsible for the work, work at heights and actions of his workers and subcontractors.


You will be responsible for organizing, assigning, supervising and coordinating the work of the team of workers, for the following functions;

  • Construction of towers of type; monopole, self support and guyed;
  • The installation of antennas and equipment / devices, etc.
  • Adjustment, maintenance and repairs as needed;
  • Monitor of the work in progress;
  • Keep the project manager informed of the work in progress;
  • Perform various cross-checks on the work performed by workers;
  • Contribute to the training of employees;
  • Ensure that occupational health and safety regulations are applied and respected by all and that working conditions do not threaten the lives of workers, subcontractors, and others on site at all times
  • Coordinate truck inventory and make purchases as needed;
  • Perform various administrative tasks: employee timesheet, material orders, reports, etc. ;
  • Apply current company policies;
  • Perform any other required task


  • Have a rigger school certificate (QC) or equivalent experience in this field;
  • Have a minimum of 8 years experience in the industry. Experience in wireless telecommunications is an asset;
  • Have experience in team management;
  • Be bilingual (English / French) verbal and written;
  • Be available to travel anywhere in Canada;
  • Knowledge of Outlook, Word and Excel software in Office 365 environment.


  • Have leadership
  • Have a good work organization;
  • Ability to communicate clearly with workers and managers
  • Relational skills and ability to teach and motivate workers
  • Be resistant to stress and be able to work as a team;
  • Respect schedules and deadlines
  • Willingness to work in any type of environment
  • Willingness to perform manual work, and with tools
  • Ability to perform quality controls and meet set standards