SABRE Towers | Met Towers

Effectiveness is the core of your success, with SABRE INDUSTRIES - TOWERS AND POLES leading the way.

Consertek offers a wide range of high-quality towers to meet all your needs, whether for meteorology and weather measurement (Met Towers), wireless, microwaves, wireless internet, or surveillance.

As an authorized distributor of Sabre Towers and Poles products in Canada, Consertek offers privileged access to a range of superior quality products.

We offer a variety of tower options, including; Self-Support and Guyed Towers, Monopoles, Camouflaged Towers, and Tripoles, with heights that span from 20 to 1000 feet.

They comply with the latest standards, including CSA S37-18 and TIA-222.

We ship our products worldwide, allowing you to benefit from our solutions, regardless of your location.

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