Met Tower Installation

CONSERTEK - MET Tower Installers : Your renewable energy partner, combining efficiency and power.

As an EPC (Engineering - Procurement - Construction) contractor, we have acquired solid expertise and wide-ranging experience in engineering, procurement, project management, installation, and instrumentation of measuring equipment.

Our engagement in numerous significant wind farm projects has allowed us to develop an extensive knowledge of areas such as weather measurement towers (MET Towers), solar weather stations, and data acquisition systems.

We support you at every stage of your project. Whether you require wind resource assessment campaigns, we can support you with installing NRG tilt-up towers, available in both 60 and 80-meter configurations.

However, if you need support with site development efforts, we can provide installation services for temporary lattice MET towers or tubular-type towers. And, when it comes to evaluating the power performance of your wind farm, we have the expertise to deploy permanent Met Towers from 20m to as tall as 245m.

Our goal as MET Tower, is to provide you with maximum efficiency and outstanding power when it comes to executing your projects.

Guyed Met Tower
Self Support Met Tower
NRG Tiltup Met Tower